I help coaches and online course creators, executing highly profitable launches that are easy and fun. My simple 4 step process allows clients and students the ability to plan, launch, review and improve their course and membership launches, so that they can blast off to exceeding their goals.

The OMG I'm Launching Podcast has quickly become a favorite for its valuable insights and fun stories that highlight the dramatic ups, downs, failures and success that comes from being in launch mode! Every week I talk about launches in many forms, either with a guest, expert or just me.

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At BBD Live (with James Wedmore) in October 2019, I had the opportunity to speak in front 150+ people as part of the expert panel on the topic of the Launch Runway.

It was an incredible experience to share my knowledge with all of these amazing people in that room, and the feedback made it all well worth it.

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Natalie Totland


Thank you for being a part of my NinjaTeam!

I just love how you're just as excited as I am before launching the beta version of my membership! I cannot express how much you have meant for me during past launches, and will continue to do in the future. Safe to say that you have changed my way of thinking. I have stopped playing small, and started dreaming. Thinking big. Believing that I'm worthy of success.

A thank you for over and over again saying to my inner perfectionist "DONE is better than perfect!" or "...take a chill pill!", but I know it's done with love. EXACTLY  what I need, as I keep having my perfectly normal small breakdowns during a launch... You have been, and will continue to be a priceless part of my business.

Thank you for your engagement, support, technical brilliance, your GIFs and your unique way of giving me, and my inner perfectionist,  a peace of mind.


I'm here to serve. I want help others succeed in their business. My 10 year vision is to help 100k people to go beyond $100k in revenue by having highly profitable launches. It's such a crazy scary goal, but that's what a vision needs to be.

I also want to create more impact beyond businesses.

I will have a team around me that supports this vision.


  • I live in Norway with my lovely wife, my 2 beautiful kids and our cat Milly.
  • I LOVE TACOS! Every Friday we eat tacos.
  • LEGO is still fun! I would love to buy the Millenium Falcon, but my wife won’t let me…
  • When I need my downtime I watch movies and TV-series with my wife or kids.
  • After having kids…scary movies is not that fun to watch anymore…they literally scare me
  • Did I mention I love launches?!
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This is my family from a trip to Rhodos, Greece. My wife Jeanette, my daughter Nathalie and my son Noah. We also have a cat that we call Milly. We have recently chosen a plant-based lifestyle. We decided to let the kids decide for themselves, but we educate them so that they can make an informed decision. We chose this lifestyle first and foremost because of the health benefits, but knowing that we also have a small impact on our planet is a great bonus.

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