Ep.035 - Unlocking Mental Skills to Perform Better Under Pressure with Amanda Schaefer

podcast May 25, 2020

"Every launch i’m motivated to launch the next round, it’s so fun"

Amanda is a marketing strategist by day and a softball coach by night. As the founder of Fearless Fastpitch, it is her mission to inspire and impact softball athletes all over the world. Preparing leaders for life outside the chalk lines with mental skills to unlock more confidence, overcome their fears, and perform better under pressure.

Check out this episode if you struggle to get your ducks in a row before a launch.

We discuss:

  • Juggling business and a full-time job
  • Investing in a VA to ease the pressure
  • Motivation to keep launching
  • The importance of feeling aligned
  • Learning from a bad launch
  • Changing strategy
  • Showing up with correct energy
  • Getting the messaging right
  • Being creative & knowing your audience
  • Valuing your time 

Want to connect with Amanda Schaefer?

Website: fearlessfastpitch.com & fearlesswarriortribe.com


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