Ep.044 - Switching up Your Messaging to Help Perfect Your Launch with Diana Rene

messaging podcast Jul 27, 2020

"There are no failures, there’s successes or there’s lessons”

My name is Diana Rene, and I’ve spent the last 3 years mastering the practice of “minimal-ish living” in my home. I have figured out how to purge ruthlessly and efficiently as a busy mom, and then organize systems and routines so the newfound freedom and joy lasts. When I walk into my home, I feel comfortable and at peace.

I know what needs to be done, and if I need something? I know right where to find it. I have much more time to spend with my two girls and husband, since it only takes a few minutes to pick up the house throughout the day.

Girl, I desperately want these things for you, too!

I want to give you a calm mind in your home, instead of thoughts endlessly racing to decide which task to tackle next. I want you to welcome visitors into your home without scrambling and shoving everything into that closet (please, please, please don’t open that!). I want you to spend more time with your kids, or watch a movie with your partner – without thinking about the messes you should be cleaning up instead.

If you feel your messaging is letting your launches down, then take a listen to how Diane Rene perfected hers!

We discuss:

  • From free to charging
  • Creating a course
  • Overdelivering
  • Biggest take away from the 1st launch 
  • Realizing when your messaging needs work
  • Testing different methods
  • Relating to your audience
  • Creating lasting change
  • Staying consistent with messaging
  • Focusing on Instagram
  • Evergreen vs Live Launches
  • Keep going! No such thing as failure, only lessons

Want to connect with Diane Rene?

Website: https://www.dianarene.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the.decluttered.mom/


Are you currently in a launch and feeling stuck? Or about to get into a launch and you're not quite sure what your next move should be?

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Looking forward to connect with you!


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