Ep.049 - Boosting Your Creativity and Energy With Sleep to Help You With Your Launch With Nicky Blakeman

health podcast sleep Aug 31, 2020

"It’s a false economy thinking that it’s all about time, and it’s all about fitting more in the day, it’s not. It’s about quality action, taken with decisiveness”

Nicky is a qualified adult sleep coach, a former sufferer of insomnia, and a Mum of three. She knows you want more energy and creativity to achieve your business goals in less time, and she shows you how to achieve this through the power of consistent great sleep. You know that your success starts on the inside but there’s no point in doing all the inner work if you haven’t established the original foundation of self-care – Sleep! If you are not getting consistent great sleep every night, Nicky will help you achieve it using a complete, natural and sustainable approach which fits in with your busy life and gets results

Tune in to learn more about the benefit of sleep and its advantage above others who are sacrificing sleep during a launch!

We discuss:

  • Why sleep is crucial
  • Can you recover sleep over the weekend?
  • Consistent sleep and productivity
  • How sleep takes away negative emotion and amplifies your learning
  • Recognizing when to seek help with sleep
  • The difference with sleep for children and adults
  • How to close the day and stop thinking about it
  • How sleep boosts your overall performance

Want to connect with Nicky Blakeman?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nickyblakeman.sleepcoaching
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nicky.blakeman/
Website: https://nickyblakeman-sleepcoaching.teachable.com/


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