Ep.067 - The Benefit of Creating Personalized Emails Using Bonjoro with Oliver Bridge


“Looking at the customer journey and looking at where you can sprinkle in, we call it delight, and personalizing those moments could definitely win you more people”

Oliver Bridge is the CMO of Bonjoro, serving our customers from online course creators and coaches to eCommerce and SaaS companies. Generally, his goal is to educate them on how to get better results by using personal video in the right place and the right way.

Oli joined Bonjoro in 2016, sold by the founder's vision to build a tool that could rehumanize online communication and bring relationships back to the forefront of the business. Alongside the founders, he has since built Bonjoro into one of Australia's fastest-growing startups, with over 50,000 customers using the tool today.

Tune in if you want to learn more about Bonjoro and how it can help with your launches!

We discuss:

  • What is Bonjoro
  • Video Emails
  • Core things to include in your video emails
  • Why doing a survey is good after a launch
  • Personalized emails

Want to connect with Oliver Bridge?

Website: https://www.bonjoro.com
Free video funnel playbook: https://www.bonjoro.com/videofunnelplaybook


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