Ep.082 - Finding Your Perfect VA That Will Stay with Ana Oliveira


“It all starts in your job posting. The description you have for your services and what you need and the person that you need will determine who will apply and how you’re going to select people.”

Ana Oliveira has always been called the Virtual Assistant (VA) matchmaker. Her job is to help international entrepreneurs connect with amazing Brazilian VAs. She launched Speakeasy, a training program for aspiring Brazilian VAs to help them build their portfolio and find the perfect online job. She has helped connect talented VAs with international clients that last for a long-time.

Today, through her experience, she shares her 5-step action plan that will help you find and train your perfect VA.

Want to learn how to find your perfect VA that will last for a long time? Then this episode is for you.

We discuss:

  • VA matchmaker Ana Oliveira
  • The relationship between you and your VA
  • What tasks to give your VA
  • How to keep for VA for a long time
  • Five-step action plan to hire your perfect VA

Want to connect with Ana Oliveira?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anaolivespeakeasy/
Website: https://www.speakeasyanaolive.com/
Schedule a 30-minute discovery call with Ana: https://calendly.com/anaspeakeasy/30min
Get in touch with Ana: [email protected]


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