Ep.084 - HR Systems To Help You Look After Your Business While Growing a Team with Laura Tolhoek


“Whether a subcontractor or employee. If things go south what does separating look like and is that legally defensible to protect my business?”

Laura Tolhoek provides HR relief to scaling solopreneurs and established small businesses who are taking the hiring leap. As a Certified Human Resource Leader and the proprietor of Essential HR, Laura knows that when a business faces HR problems, there is only room for positive results. 

In this episode, Laura shares her 15 years of HR experience to help your business is well looked after as you hire and grow your team. 

Want to learn the steps you can take to take care of your business and growing team?  Listen to this episode.

We discuss:

  • Do small businesses need HR?
  • Employee vs subcontractor: pros and cons
  • Documents you need to safeguard your business
  • How to cut down time in your hiring process
  • Should you trust your gut while hiring?


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