Ep.095 - The Must Haves and Need to Knows for Your Sales Pages with Lauren Tassi

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2021

“If your sales page all of a sudden sounds completely different from the way you talk there’s going to be a disconnect and people feel that all the time. So paying attention to the voice of the sales page is really important that it sounds like you.”

Lauren Tassi is a copywriter,launch strategist, and a marketing mentor. She helps coaches and course creators communicate with intention so they can increase their income and impact. 

In this episode, she shares her knowledge about sales pages, why they matter, how to create effective sales pages, and why it should sound like you. By learning all of these things you can make sales pages that convert for your business.

Curious to know? Listen to this episode.

We discuss:

  • What you need to know before working on your sales page
  • The process to writing your sales page
  • Sales page must haves
  • Benefits to hiring a professional to write your sales page
  • Your brand voice and how it connects to your sales page

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