Ep.100 - Mastering Heart Centered Selling with Adam Kiddoo

Uncategorized Oct 11, 2021

“We must come to know that the work we’re here doing makes an impact. It matters.”

Adam Kiddoo is the world’s leading authority in empowering entrepreneurs to rapidly grow their business by helping them to embody their most authentic self while consistently and courageously showing up online. This way they can stand out, make a name for themselves, and ultimately change the world around them.

More than anything, Adam is wildly passionate about helping entrepreneurs to step out from the stands & step powerfully out onto the playing field of life so they can do their part in making this world a less stressed & more abundant place.

Adam Kiddoo is back to talk about his latest launch Heart Centered Selling Mastery. When an entrepreneur is their authentic self and speaks from their hearts, their message becomes aligned with them. It becomes a tool that allows a deeper connection between an entrepreneur and their customers/clients.

Curious how you can harness this power? Listen to this episode.

We discuss:

  • Heart Centered Selling
  • Being present and combating negative thoughts
  • Working with intention not expectation
  • Taking the first step to courage
  • How people sense your energy and why it matters

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