Ep.104 - Our Body Cycles And How They Make Us More Productive with Renae Fieck

Uncategorized Nov 08, 2021

“If we really want to be operating at our peak, being able to turn off and being able to be fully present with our family or being able to be fully present at work we have to make sure that our recharge phase is there and so seeing that recharge phase is actually a very productive part of our cycle.”

Renae Fieck is a mom of three and occupational therapist who transforms busy women into thriving high-achievers while doing less and gaining more time through the power of leveraging their cycles. 

In today’s episode, we learn that men, women, and people in general have different cycles that they need to listen to. Our bodies know when it needs to rest and when it can be productive and knowing how to listen to that can help us become better people and entrepreneurs.

Curious? Listen to this episode.

We discuss:

  • Being intentional with your life-work balance
  • Out life and biological cycles and why it matters
  • Using our cycles to our advantage
  • What you need to know about recharging
  • Renae’s launch journey

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