Ep.026 - How to go from an idea to a profitable online course with Katarina Hadden

podcast Mar 23, 2020

"Everyone has an online course in them, everyone has something that they can teach someone else"

Katarina teaches service-based professionals how to design, build, and launch their online courses and monetize their knowledge and skill in the online arena. Her life story is a perfect example that you can have a successful online business no matter who you are and where you came from.

Katarina was born in Belgrade, Serbia. She lived through all the hard times in the 90's - embargo,...

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Ep.025 - Using Intention Setting & Manifestation to Achieve your Vision with Melanie Moore

podcast Mar 16, 2020

"We can deliberately set our intention to manifest the big vision stuff"

Melanie Moore is a Big Vision Coach and the host of Big Vision TV. She helps people gain clarity on their Big Vision then take action towards achieving their goals by helping them clear away limiting beliefs. She does this through her live broadcasts, social media posts, coaching programs and online course.

If you struggle with defining your vision and want to learn how to take intentional action, then this...

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Ep.024 - Why Your Launch Didn’t Fail with Ken Westgaard

podcast Mar 09, 2020

"We should be careful of getting too attached to the outcome, because we cannot control the outcome in the end"

This episode is just yours truly!

I discuss:

  • Using my 9-5 as a safety net and the need to go back to my ‘Why’
  • Creating a vision board as a reminder
  • Assessing your launch goals / what are these goals based on?
  • Realizing what is in your control and what isn’t
  • Using your conversion rates as a marker
  • Importance of messaging
  • Learning from your launch


Want a...

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Ep.023 - Finding the Courage to Launch Without Perfection with Tony Bache

podcast Mar 02, 2020

You don’t have to do the perfect launch, sometimes the dirty betas are the best ones"

Toni Bache is the founder of The Five -Minute Business. Toni helps busy entrepreneurs earn more and work less, by simplifying and streamlining their business practices, so they can enjoy the freedom and flexibility they crave in their business. Inside The Five-Minute Business her members get 5 minute lessons and 5 minute actions 5 days a week that they can immediately apply in their business to...

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Ep.021 - How to take control of your day when launching with Morgan Gillis

podcast Feb 17, 2020

"How you think influences how you feel, that influences how you act and that influences the results you get"

Morgan is a habits coach who helps online entrepreneurs optimize their habits so they can level up their life and business. She is the creator of the 21 Day Morning Routine Challenge (21daysofchallenge.com) and is currently working on releasing her second course #TheProductiveEntrepreneur.

If you are an entrepreneur that needs help mastering your mornings, then this episode is...

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Ep.020 - How to manage the post launch void with Ken Westgaard

podcast Feb 10, 2020

"It’s important to find ways to get excited, get energized"

Have you just launched and are now feeling at a loss? Then this episode is for you!

I discuss:

  • How did I manage to make it to Podcast 20?
  • Guests = content
  • Outsourcing Podcast Editing & Show notes
  • The void that comes after a launch
  • Looking after your mind & body to maintain energy
  • Unwind & Relax!
  • Staying excited for your customers!
  • Reviewing your launch without getting discouraged!

Want to connect with Ken...

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Ep.019 - Showing up and finding ‘Wins’ in a failed launch with Alicia Parker

podcast Feb 04, 2020

" One of the big lessons is just showing up for the people"

Alicia Parker is a creator & strategist that has taught hundreds of women how to create their own roadmap to emotional & financial independence using a 4 Step Formula to help you identify the right (and wrong) actions to grow your career or business and build a life you're excited to wake up to. 

After spending years in Career Management and Marketing Leadership roles, she knew she wanted to help people find...

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Ep.018 - How to Create the Dream Client Avatar with Andy Ryan

podcast Jan 28, 2020

"The clients that were successful were the ones who knew who they were talking to"

Andy Ryan has been in the on-line marketing space for 8 years and has worked on many launches as a coach, consultant and actually doing the "work" for them! His passion and what drives everything he does is FREEDOM!

Not only does he want freedom for his own family, he wants it for yours too. Whether it's financial freedom or freedom to be where you want, doing what you want, when you want... he is all...

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Ep.017 - Increasing membership numbers by closing cart with Lisa Breitenfeldt

podcast Jan 20, 2020

"I only had 220 members and it had been open 4 years ….in just 7 days I had over 300 members"

Lisa Breitenfeldt is the President and CEO of Cache Advance. Her geocaching name is Lookout Lisa. Lisa has been geocaching since 2002, with over 200 hides and now over 11K finds. She is past president (2 years) of the Inland Empire Chapter of the Washington State Geocaching Association (WSGA).

Lisa created and designed Dr. B's Cache Repair Kits in 2005 as a fun project to fill up her...

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Ep.016 - How to Reduce Stress around Launch Time with Suzanne Jeffreys

podcast Jan 14, 2020

“Our two best tools are our bodies and our minds, so we’ve got to nourish them"

Suzanne Jeffreys, Founder of CEO Wellness, teaches overwhelmed entrepreneurial women to relax, recharge & rebalance for less stress and more success. 

As a business owner, teacher, wellness & fitness professional, wife, mom of three, stepmom of four, grandmother of seven, Suzanne knows how chaotic life can be! Over 25 years has she developed her signature "CEO Wellness" process, to...

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