Ep.062 - Being in Alignment with Your Message for Successful Launches with Jess O'Connell

alignment messaging podcast Nov 29, 2020

"Ask yourself, am I trying to create a business based on what everybody else is doing? Or am I fully in alignment with what it lights me up to talk about? And try to be more in that energy more often, and you'll find success.”

Jess is a fellow launch coach, business mentor, and creator of the Aligned Launch Formula™ . She believes that you can have all the strategy in the world, but successful launches come down to being in alignment with your message and expanding your...

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Ep.061 - Gain Clarity and Direction with Your Business through Energy Alignment with Latifa

alignment energy podcast Nov 22, 2020

“When it comes to launching, identify the process. Identify where you leak energy, Say you’re not technical, get a VA, say you get hyped up doing videos, do more of that. Follow that energy.”

I help highly sensitive female entrepreneurs who've been buying all kinds of online group programs and coaching yet still feel stuck in their business to get unstuck fast, gain clarity and direction and create a successful and aligned business that feels like YOU.

By using my...

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Ep.056 - Subconscious Reprogramming with Laura Husson


"Staying aware to impact our own reality”

Laura Husson is a certified Subconscious Transformation coach. She helps aspiring
changemakers just like you go from the brink of giving up on uncovering the big dream to finally experiencing alignment in all areas of their lives.

She helps people who have reached a junction and works together to uncover what’s holding them back or keeping them stuck.

Tune in to learn more about the subconscious and how to uncover what’s holding...

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Ep.055 - Infusing Your Heart into Your Message and Stand Out with Adam Kiddoo

alignment energy podcast Oct 12, 2020

"The magic is in pausing, stopping, and slowing down”

Adam Kiddoo is the world’s leading authority in empowering entrepreneurs to rapidly grow their business by helping them to embody their most authentically self while consistently and courageously showing up online. This way they can stand out, make a name for themselves, and ultimately change the world around them.

More than anything, Adam is wildly passionate about helping entrepreneurs to step out from the stands...

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