Ep.050 - Why We Should Take Care of Ourselves During a Launch With Danya Brooke

health podcast Sep 07, 2020

“It’s very easy to forget everything when we’re in busy mode and get stressed and burned out”

Danya is a former Olympic athlete therapist and Strength conditioning coach. She works with athletes and former athletes or anyone who values movement and health in their...

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Ep.049 - Boosting Your Creativity and Energy With Sleep to Help You With Your Launch With Nicky Blakeman

health podcast sleep Aug 31, 2020

"It’s a false economy thinking that it’s all about time, and it’s all about fitting more in the day, it’s not. It’s about quality action, taken with decisiveness”

Nicky is a qualified adult sleep coach, a former sufferer of insomnia, and a Mum of three....

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