Ep.068 - Shift Your Way To Success with Britney Thornton

coursecreator podcast Mar 24, 2021

“Having an initial plan is more than enough than having a contingency plan for everything that might actually happen.”

Britney Thornton is The Course Creation Coach, helping women in business manifest a stress-free, financially-sound, and most importantly, FUN business through the use of digital courses. 

After serving nine years as a Naval officer, Britney jumped headfirst into the digital entrepreneur world. She’s seen, done, and lived through some of the...

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Ep.067 - The Benefit of Creating Personalized Emails Using Bonjoro with Oliver Bridge


“Looking at the customer journey and looking at where you can sprinkle in, we call it delight, and personalizing those moments could definitely win you more people”

Oliver Bridge is the CMO of Bonjoro, serving our customers from online course creators and coaches to eCommerce and SaaS companies. Generally, his goal is to educate them on how to get better results by using personal video in the right place and the right way.

Oli joined Bonjoro in 2016, sold by the founder's...

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Ep.065 - Why Niching Is Going to Help Be A Force Multiplier For Your Next Launch with Brent Weaver

niche podcast Dec 21, 2020

“It’s not what you say yes to, it’s what you say no to, that creates focus. And niching is saying no to everything else.”

Brent Weaver is the CEO and Founder of uGurus. a coaching and training program for digital agency owners. We help them attract leads, win deals, delight their clients so they can scale their business.

Brent is on a mission to help 10,000 digital agency owners achieve freedom in business and life by helping them own their market.

He recently...

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Ep.064 - The Success Behind Facebook Ads Strategy Funnels with Ana Katz

ads facebook podcast Dec 14, 2020

The success behind Facebook Ads is test, test, test! If an image doesn’t work, test the next image. If the copy didn’t work, test a new one. Just see what converts and doesn’t convert”

Ana is a Facebook / Instagram Ads Strategist who works with online course creators and e-commerce businesses that have an eye on the future and are ready to make a bigger impact. 

She focuses on getting her clients bigger results, major traffic, more sales, and...

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Ep.063 - How to Do Successful Affiliate Launches With Jill Stanton

affiliate launch podcast Dec 07, 2020

“With affiliate marketing, your number one form of currency is trust. And you really have to be discerning about the stuff that you’re promoting”

Jill Stanton is the co-founder of the Screw The Nine To Five where she helps online coaches and course creators quit their jobs, start their business online and get them past the $100,000/year mark.

Coined by Forbes as "a destination for up-and-coming online entrepreneurs" Screw The Nine To Five has inspired tens of thousands...

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Ep.062 - Being in Alignment with Your Message for Successful Launches with Jess O'Connell

alignment messaging podcast Nov 29, 2020

"Ask yourself, am I trying to create a business based on what everybody else is doing? Or am I fully in alignment with what it lights me up to talk about? And try to be more in that energy more often, and you'll find success.”

Jess is a fellow launch coach, business mentor, and creator of the Aligned Launch Formula™ . She believes that you can have all the strategy in the world, but successful launches come down to being in alignment with your message and expanding your...

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Ep.061 - Gain Clarity and Direction with Your Business through Energy Alignment with Latifa

alignment energy podcast Nov 22, 2020

“When it comes to launching, identify the process. Identify where you leak energy, Say you’re not technical, get a VA, say you get hyped up doing videos, do more of that. Follow that energy.”

I help highly sensitive female entrepreneurs who've been buying all kinds of online group programs and coaching yet still feel stuck in their business to get unstuck fast, gain clarity and direction and create a successful and aligned business that feels like YOU.

By using my...

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Ep.060 - The Importance of Self Care for Entrepreneurs All the Time Especially During Launches with Megan Nolan

podcast self-care yoga Nov 16, 2020

“You should be the priority on your to do list. Recognize that you’re an essential component of your business.”

Megan Nolan is a personal trainer and yoga instructor with over 14 years of experience. Her mission is to help busy entrepreneurs use their Yoga practice to intentionally step into and embody their strongest, most courageous, resilient and empowered selves so they can take inspired action in their business.

If you want to learn more about the importance of...

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Ep.059 - Showing up with Confidence and Not Being Afraid of Serving Your Audience with Lauren Claire

confidence fear podcast Nov 09, 2020

"First comes courage, then comes confidence. That’s what you need to remember.”

Lauren is a social media and confidence coach for female entrepreneurs who want to start a business, or have already started but are hiding behind the screen and scared to show up. She specializes in building up your confidence, channeling your inner confidence and your courage to really show up and shine online in your business.

She coaches female creatives, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to...

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Ep.058 - Selling Without Being Inauthentic and Pushy with Luke Page

podcast sales process Nov 01, 2020

"Get out of your head and stop thinking. Believe in what your product can do for the person”

Luke Page helps coaches build their online business to six figures. He teaches them how to sell with ease. He has been teaching sales for 11 to 12 years and has always loved business ever since an early age.

If you want to learn how to sell without being inauthentic and pushy then this episode is for you!

We discuss:

  • Why sales is required to build your business
  • Why some people hate or...
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