Ep.080 - A Successful versus a Failed Launch and the Power of Personal Branding with Simone Griffiths


“If you’re thinking of changing a system that you’ve got that’s worked, maybe just rethink of repeating a system before you give it the bin.”

Simone Griffiths is the founder of the unique Personal Brand MethodTM, transforming invisible online and small business owners, coaches, consultants, and service-based entrepreneurs from the unknown to unleashed with their in-demand brand.

Simone first started her business 14+ years ago and has been known as the brand...

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Ep.079 - Highlighting the Importance of Building Your Personal Brand on Social Media with Steven de Cuba


"Building a personal brand on social media is the most effective way to stand out from your highly saturated market so you can reach more people, attract more leads and convert more sales.”

Steven de Cuba is a wedding and branding photographer based in the Netherlands. With the courage to pursue his hobby as a career, he took the time to learn and gain the knowledge necessary to start building his company.

Through his persistence and hard work, Steven eventually started to...

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Ep.078 - The Importance of Building Human Connection & Secrets to 6-Figure Launch With Lisa-May Huby


"People want connection, people want to know that you are a real person that can help them with their problems."

Lisa-May Huby helps overwhelmed and overworked women coaches and service providers create the income, impact, and lifestyle they want with simple yet highly profitable, highly leveraged offers.

She has been an online entrepreneur for 14 years (since before Instagram was even a thing), working with clients to help them get results like double-digit conversions, nailing...

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Ep.077 - Why I Pushed the Pause Button and What's Next with Ken Westgaard

podcast Apr 26, 2021

It's been a quiet month and a half, but we're back at it! This is a very personal episode, but I believe that there are some things in here that I'm sure you can resonate with. If you do, please let me know over at IG and slide into my DM.

In this episode, I talk about...

  • Why I needed a break from everything
  • Positive Covid test and being in isolation
  • Unsure of what direction I wanted to take
  • How I was focusing on building the wrong bridge
  • The Rise of the 6-Figure Launcher and the OMG...
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Ep.076 - Your “Why” Matters, Knowing Your Purpose with Dijana Llugolli


“Don’t confuse inspiration for desperation.” — Dijana Llugolli

Dijana is a Global Success and Business Coach with a client base in 22 different countries. Her unique charisma, high vibe energy, and expertise allowed her to impact and helped hundreds of online entrepreneurs to launch and scale their online businesses. Her programs are renowned for Intentional Goal Setting, Business Planning, and Digital strategies.

Tune in to learn more about Dijana!

We discuss:

  • ...
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Ep.075 - Steer Your Business Towards Growth and Profitability with Rebecca Forst

mindset podcast Mar 01, 2021

“I can tweak things the way that feels good to me and aligned with me, and it's getting me better results by listening to my own self.” — Rebecca Forst

Rebecca Forst is a mindset transformation coaching helping women stop the subconscious sabotage and find their inner power so that they can take confident action in their lives and business.

She had a personal finance blog for just over 3 years that never took off because of her own mindset barriers holding her back....

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Ep.074 - Steer Your Way To Success with Alon David

delegate goals podcast Feb 22, 2021

“Celebrate the small wins. Appreciate it. It will give you the push to go even higher” — Alon David

Alon David, founder and CEO of 90X®, had ambition, drive, and the dream to make something of his life. Through a decade of trials, lessons failed and successful businesses, divorce, and even hitting rock bottom with bankruptcy, he persevered and created an incredibly effective goal system which eventually became the 90X® Planner System. Today, the 90X®...

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Ep.073 - The Importance of Aligning Your Career with Your CORE Values with Ken Westgaard

alignment podcast values Feb 15, 2021

“Learn how to see things differently. Reframe your thoughts. Don't get obsessed with the results.”

In this episode I discuss:

  • Self-Assessment & Development 
  • Taking Care of Yourself in Order to take Care of Your Business
  • Authenticity 
  • Life Lessons 
  • Goal Realignment


Are you currently in a launch and feeling stuck? Or about to get into a launch and you're not quite sure what your next move should be?

Then why don't you and I hop on a quick 20-minute...

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Ep.072 - Aligning Your Vision, Mission, and Goals with Johnny Anton


“Commit yourself to transformation. ” — Johnny Anton

Johnny teaches coaches, consultants, and experts how to leverage their unique story and scale a wildly profitable online business using marketing strategies that effortlessly enroll high ticket clients into their online training courses & programs.

In November of 2018, Johnny lived in a village in Malawi, Africa, and built his first school for 538 kids. This experience altered his life in a very profound way...

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Ep.071 - Creating an Aligned Vision For Your Business with Jen Casey

alignment podcast vision Feb 01, 2021

“We can't have intuition with fear."

Jen Casey is known by many as the go-to Brain-Based Business + Master NLP coach for online coaches and network marketers, creator of the signature program Programs that Profit, and host of the top-rated, Inner Boss Podcast.

Today, Programs that Profit is the most comprehensive program for online coaches and is the program that *actually* gives you the steps to build a six-figure online coaching business.

Tune in to learn more about Jen!


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